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    PPP & ANP parted ways from PMLN & JUI making the grand opposition alliance ineffective within 6 months. It’s a rarity as opposition alliances usually work through their differences against common enemy the sitting government. In this case one can argue alliance was more against status quo aka establishment and not just PTI.

    Both sides are blaming each other for the rift among opposition ranks. PMLN & JUI are blaming PPP & ANP for colluding with establishment. PPP & ANP are blaming PMLN & JUI for being too aggressive in their demand of resigning from assemblies.

    In my view, PMLN & JUI are at fault here for multiple reasons.

    If PMLN had govt’s in Punjab or JUI  in KPK or Baluchistan they would have never resigned to force the mid term elections like PTI didn’t despite establishment sponsored sit in against PMLN govt in 2014. They resigned from National Assembly, which were not accepted, but didn’t resign from KPK assembly where they had govt. If PPP resigns here and best case scenario get mid term elections they will get Sindh govt back perhaps with thinner majority. What’s the incentive for them to resign? If instead govt hold bielections instead of midterm, which they most likely will as establishment is standing firm with them . Opposition will be forced to boycott bielections as they won’t get midterms and PTI will not only get Sindh govt but also thumping majority in Punjab and Center, Haseena Wajid like majority, 288/300, after Khalida Zia boycotted elections in Bangladesh. As a result of that majority establishment will be able to roll back 18th amendment giving powers back to center from provinces and reset NFC award, pulling money from provinces to center.  That will be a huge setback to Nawaz Sharif’s civilian supremacy and respect the vote cause. With his foolish decisions he will be pushing upcoming civilian govt’s so much under military that it will take another 3 decades to get to the point where we are now.

    Mid term elections are democratic like in Israel and Italy but for novice democracy like ours it’s not conducive as we have seen in 1990’s. In America, Trump won in 2016 courtesy to Tea Party movement by conservatives during Obama years. Similarly, Biden won in 2020 thanks to mass mobilization on left under Black Lives Matter. PDM’s modus operandi should be same mass mobilization against govt through rallies and marches but shouldn’t go to an extreme where they end up strengthening establishment even more than where they started from. Nawaz Sharif allowed PPP to complete their term, 2008-2013, even though PM was forced out by Judiciary. Nawaz Sharif colluded with establishment and Judiciary but at least let PPP complete its term. Zardari returned the favor to PMLN from 2013-2018 under very similar circumstances. Both PMLN and PPP should let PTI complete its term for greater good.


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