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    For the last few years I can see a pattern of air crashes of Pakistan Airforce’s fighter jets on mostly routine training flights.

    Some of the readers of this forum might be aware of  Marium Mukhtar’s

    similar incident in November 2015 when she was killed during her ejection at the time of her aircraft’s malfunction and subsequent plunge on the ground.

    This latest crash

    has just been reported in today’s media reports and for the year 2020 similar crashes of PAF now have occurred for the third time. Not to mention the spate of PAF aircraft’s expensive jets crash over the past decade or so.

    The local mainstream, social and digital media has seldom issued any investigative reports about these anomalies in Pakistan to point the reasons to probable causes.

    Has there been kickbacks in the purchase of these fighter jets which have been ostensibly bought for training purposes or there has been an issue of maintenance of these crafts that has been grossly ignored or PAF command is dileberately putting the precious lives of young pilot trainees by knowing the fact that how much faulty aircraft PAF has possessed in its inventory despite of the fact that PAF has, like other divisions of security forces, enough resources to replace or purchase new crafts for their operational purposes?

    If commercial passengers crashes of PIA, that occur once in few years, can be investigated extensively on many forums of this country then why there’s a meaningful but criminal silence on the probable causes of these crashes of PAF jets?

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    کیا ان کا کبھی آڈٹ نہیں ہوتا ؟؟ کریش کی وجوہات معلوم نہیں کی جاتیں؟؟ سزائیں نہیں دی جاتیں؟؟ کیا حادثات کی یہ شرح باقی ملکوں سے زیادہ ہے یا کم؟؟
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