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Awan bhai What in your view is qualification and capability of PM? In my view it’s political capital – the soots in masses. It’s that power that gives them liberty to rule civil and military bureaucracy. That’s why we have elections in democracy. Maryam Nawaz is most qualified in PMLN after Nawaz Sharif not bcaz of her anti-establishment stances. She is the biggest crowd puller in PMLN after Nawaz Sharif and that my friend is called political capital and the biggest qualification of the leader. Shahbaz Sharif on the other hand can’t win his seat w/o big brother like Ch. Nisar. His governance model that you are big fan of is through few bureaucrats totally ignoring elected officials. He is only suited as appointed, not elected, mayor of the city and frankly that’s how he served Lahore. Nawaz Sharif appointed him and he served as Mayor Lahore thru 2-3 bureaucrats. Humza Shahbaz was bit more involved with party organization. He can’t pull crowds like his Dad. I am not his fan, like his singing though. I suggested him over Shahbaz Sharif as CM Punjab bcaz of Shahbaz Sharif’s health issues and PMLN won’t make anyone but Sharif CM Punjab or PM. So we are dealing with essentially 3-4 people in totality. Nawaz, Shahbaz, Humza and Maryam. Sooner rather than later PMLN needs to pass the baton to new generation and that’s where I proposed Maryam and Humza. interestingly, in recent elections in Indian Punjab AAP won 92/117 seats, 30M votes there compared to 110M there. Aravind Kejrewal announced Bagwant Maan (2008 laughter challenge participant and a stand up political satirist) as CM candidate in January based on public polls in which 93% people wanted to see him as CM if AAP wins in Punjab. But who are we kidding we don’t expect this sort of transparency from PMLN, PPP, PTI or INC.

You didn’t answer my simple question. What qualification is needed to be PM, the leader of the country?

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