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Not sure how many problems Indra Ghandi’s husband created or how Kamala Harris husband will turn out around power. The ideal way is to keep the low key and let wife take the lime light and 99% of the time wife takes the back seat and let husband flourish in his career. Both Zardari and Capt. Safdar joined politics and became MNA. It almost never happens other way round. Wife doesn’t step in unless husband is in hot waters.

Heard even Prianka Ghandi’s husband is creating similar problems for her. Zardari is a total disaster. Capt. Safdar just talks foolish but hasn’t damaged PMLN as they have too many other successors. Bhutto family would have been better off of in the line of succession Bhuttos kids were lined up like Sharifs instead of Zardari. Imagine if instead of Shahbaz, Humza and Maryam, Capt Safdar was probable successor. It would be a cake walk for GHQ and opposition. I give lot of credit to Shahbaz Sharif, he never turned against brother despite lot of pressure from establishment over decades. If Bhuttos had done same they would be around.


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