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Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman is the leading voice not only against PTI but also GHQ.  JUI-F winning elections is very bad sign for both GHQ and PTI. If this  happened in KPK you can imagine what would PMLN do to PTI in Punjab. IK blamed poor candidates selection for this rout and their ministers on ground said it’s the inflation.

inflation hovered around 4-6% in PMLN’s years and under PTI its 9-12%. Some of it is definitely PTI’s mismanagement but primarily it’s our long term systematic issues mostly tied to GHQ’s disastrous foreign policy and no civilian govt is at liberty to change the course.

in all this messy situation GHQ has urged IK to start begging for Afghanistan. In August GHQ and majority of the Pakistanis were celebrating Talibans’s victory and within 3 months we are holding OIC meeting to seek humanitarian aid else half of the 38M Afghans will face hunger this winter. Our Generals who supported Talibans for 3 decades didn’t foresee this? Same Generals want to be our economic managers?

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