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Re: The Absent Members

Dear Anjaan, Now you have learned to be civil after years of evolution and there is responsibility on your head. Here are some points / issues which lead foram to its current situation.

  1.  Duplicate IDs ( A well known issues which confused most of people and make the people run)
  2.  Personal Attacks
  3. Abusing
  4. Irrelevant threads ( Like one non serious thread “Anjaan Zinda Hai”)
  5. Non serious attitude towards the topic / not sticking to topic
  6. One of reason main reason some low caste people / sanitary worker type of people who have settled in foreign countries or may be in their own country. They cannot overcome their feeling of inferiority and superiority, often visit foram, just for the sake of time pass like the one Kick Boxer we have and start attacking on good people. 
  7.  Aggressive type of attitude toward new ideas, due to religious bigotry
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