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Pakistan team has been playing well but our success in first two games against India and NZ is primarily bcaz we won those two tosses. Will Pak be able to win toss in SF and then Final? If Pak, or for that matter Aus, Eng and NZ too, lose the toss will they be able to overcome 20-25 runs dew disadvantage?Between parity teams it’s a lot. One can argue SA won against Eng despite losing toss bcaz they still scored 190 but except that one game SA had to win big not just win no team has won the evening game after losing toss of course among top teams. Against minnows everyone can win. Minnows didn’t do any upset. Actually Afg didn’t beat any of the top 6 teams in T20 in last 25 outings. Not sure how Pakistanis were hoping Afg to beat India. Pak and NZ only beat Ind bcaz they won those crucial tosses
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