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Awan bhai You don’t know what’s the understanding between Nawaz and Shahbaz but somehow you know Shahbaz told Nawaz that an we won election in Punjab cantonments bcaz instead of your slogan respect the vote I switched to respect the people?

Yes this was the news that Maryam did not participated and all posters had “Vote for performance” on it. It is analysed that Shahbaz has made a strong case in favour of “Masalehat” in front of his brother. It is likely however it could be speculation. I think Nawaz is looking into this and still not left his “Respect for Vote” slogan. Maryam’s comment against Faiz Hameed showed the same trend of strict anti-establishment stance so far. I can speculate that If Nawaz wishes to come back to Pakistan the best bet for him will be when his own government is in power. His party can come into power only when they negotiate with power fulls. If Nawaz is firm for ant-establishment, establishment may not favour PTI this time but they may work against PML-N behind the curtains. The establishment is in no position to favour or go against a party openly like they did in 2018 elections.

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