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I learnt a lot from Mirza Sahib’s Moderation. He was always prepared to guide and give good advice to the members but at the same time did not suffer idiots easily. You are very generous in thinking that people are educated, all of them are not. For example: Forum is not Foram. Aware is not Awared Don’t is not Dont Happy is not Hoppy I hope you would agree with me that the above example does not indicate a sign of proper education. I have noted your personal advice for me. Thank you. Meanwhile, I will continue to perform the function of Moderation.

Dear Anjaan M Mirza, you are speaking louder than your action, and I know you will once again fail. Why we accept you a moderator,  A Moderator is person whose ID is an example to other members. A member could not point finger on Character of his ID, Where as you have history of cloning yourself and also could you please tell the audience as a moderator Multiple ID was your Idea or it is the Inspiration of Mirza Sahib Moderation. His moderation was not neutral he was friend of his wahabi ideology friends and ban people who write against or question his authority.

You are self apointed moderator, First prove you are worthy of it

arrow_upward DanishGardi