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Dear Anjaan M Mirza, Your moderation has brought to edge of destruction an other foram which is now history. Please spare this foram from Moderation. I think people here are educated and well awared. They are social people they dont need your outdated instructions. There inner self is enough to guide them. I ask you may find your own light by this you dont need to become a shepard to guide a herd or find a good hoppy. You may join some madrassa where you will met people like Mufti Aziz ur Rehman such people need your moderation. Or you can moderate your multiple IDs by creating a one Moderator ID and other user IDs

I learnt a lot from Mirza Sahib’s Moderation. He was always prepared to guide and give good advice to the members but at the same time did not suffer idiots easily.

You are very generous in thinking that people are educated, all of them are not. For example:

Forum is not Foram.

Aware is not Awared

Don’t is not Dont

Happy is not Hoppy

I hope you would agree with me that the above example does not indicate a sign of proper education.

I have noted your personal advice for me. Thank you.

Meanwhile, I will continue to perform the function of Moderation.

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