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Re: No Mahraam needed for Hajj

unsafe Sahib When Iranian President was asked how gays will be treated in Iran? His reply was there are no gays in Iran. To say no sexual harassment at Hajj or any such mega event is same state of denial. At Hajj people are in abstention mode and despite all spirituality are bit more frustrated. In the name of God even Prophet and his companions couldn’t control their frustration and were all over women. But here our fundoos are given clean slip to millions of followers. Our Mullahs can’t keep their hands off kids in mosques when they are supposedly teaching the words of God. But all of a sudden same people at Hajj become angel. If they are not afraid of God in mosques why would they be at Makkah among millions of people?

شیرازی جی . یہ حج عمرہ سب ڈرامہ ہے . یہ بات علامہ اقبال کو بھی پتا تھی اور قائد اور سر سید کو بھی جننوں نے یوروپ کے درجنوں چکر لگانے اور ایک دفعہ بھی مکہ جانا نصیب نہیں ہوا …  علامہ اقبال کوریاست بھوپال کے نواب نے حج کرنے کے لیے پیسے دئیے ، آپ یورپ کی یاترا کر آئے ۔

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