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Re: Anti Semitic ?

JMP Sahib You said: “If the definition is wrong, which in my opinion is, the effort should be on changing the definition.” My observation is: Why judge someone or someone’s statement by the definition one believes to be wrong.?

Anjaan sahib

Thanks once again.

I am feeling so embarrassed in in my inability to communicate clearly and effectively.

  1. I never labelled / judged Shah sahib as Antisemitic. if I did, it was my mistake and I will apologize for doing so.
  2. I only stated that based on a definition which seems to be universal, the “comment” seems Antisemitic.
  3. I don’t like the definition and hence I mentioned that if we keep the same definition, we have to adopt it for others also
  4. I cannot change the definition as it was created by someone else.
  5. I will be a liar if I say that I don’t judge or haven’t judged anyone before or will not do/ it in future also. I though try my best (but it doesn’t work most of the time) not to judge anyone. I try to comment on the comment or opinion and not the person (I though fail miserably in keeping my comment on the comment and not the person)

I still stand by everything I have said so far and I also accept your opinion, your right to have a different opinion.