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Re: Anti Semitic ?

JMP Sahib I request you to watch the interview again and note down the comments made by SMQ to answer the reporter’s accusations of alleged Antisimitic remarks made by SMQ. Then when you come back we both can discuss what he said and the possible interpretations of what he said.

Anjaan sahib

Thanks for indulging

  1. I did watch it twice before and once again after you requested me.
  2. As I stated in my first post on this topic, my first reaction was that there is nothing antisemitic in Shah sahib’s comment.
  3. I then tried to see if there is a definition that can be used to gauge the statement. For me without a definition, it becomes difficult to gauge if the comment was or was not antisemitic.
  4. Based on the definition which I posted and the examples provided and again, only based on the definition, it does fall under the antisemitic definition.
  5. I then mentioned in my post that if such definitions will be used to determine what is antisemitic or not, same definitions should also be created for Muslim, Arab and Pakistanis.
  6. Shah sahib’s sarcastic laugh on the question was not required and perhaps infuriated the anchor. While the anchor should not get biased based on the reaction of the interviewee, Shah sahib is the expert on foreign affairs, diplomacy and how to tackle difficult questions and I don’t think he did. This is my opinion and you and others may have a totally different and perhaps correct opinion.
  7. Shah sahib did mention “people” rather than state of Israel on further clarification. If he would have left at state of Israel, it may not have fallen under the definition.
  8. Shah sahib did accuse media of being biased and on the payroll of the people.

To me Shah’s sahib’s comment is not harmful but his tone, his accusation and the definition of antisemitic all make it difficult to defend.

In the end, what did Shah sahib achieved. Maybe for the domestic audience, he may have been the victor in this verbal spat, but he didn’t do a good service to the cause, he apparently was championing, in my personal uneducated and on the surface opinion.

By the way, I came across another clip where Shah sahib was being interviewed by a Pakistani anchor Jared Ch. sahib and Shah sahib lost all his calm in that interview. I am surprised that he did not react the same way to a foreign anchor.