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Re: رمضان مبارک

Dear Mercerny Zaidi, I think you are playing Metal Gear Solid game and living in fantasy by saying ” As I understand Islam , it says there is no compulsion in religion . No one should be forced to convert their ideology or religion” what you understand that doesn’t matter, what actually happen in reality that always matter. Can you describe a single living state on the map of world as per your understanding of Islam. In majority of fundamental islamic state even a state created by Prophet and after its Companion… Murtadid were killed, after Death of Prophet, his companions Jihad against Murtid to Take Zakaat. How you cant distort a fact that there is no compulsion in religion… How are you quoting a quranic verse out of context to justify yourself. I think this is dishonestly. I am not taking religion serious but the people are because of your misquoted facts.

Mr. Unsafe Sahib:

I am quite amaze to see your rebuttal to something you don’t take seriously. The religion is not something you continue to carry on if you don’t have faith in it. The Quranic versus I quoted is exactly as it is . There is no compulsion in Islam . Why would you have to be Muslim if you don’t want to be Muslim ?  Its a serious matter and I take it very seriously . I don’t like to make a mockery of someone’s belief and I don’t like it with those who don’t have any . What I understand is a big matter for myself. What you understand is matter for you or not, I can’t say. You take an examples of those who are literally illiterate and then you come to define the religion from what they practice and do.  I am living in a non Islamic state. I don’t have to live here if I don’t like it. For those who complain why the laws are made according to the wishes of majority should decide to either stay there or move out.  If at any point, I think that I am not free to practice what I believe, I wouldn’t stay here for a minute. What is so hard to understand about it? 

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