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Re: رمضان مبارک

Dear Zaidi, We living in ignorant Musilm World. where technology has changed life style of people but people are still living in caves 1400 years ago in caves. For example Asking someone why you are not fasting, why you are praying, why you are not praying, in modern culture and morality it is called religious harassment which is common in the Muslim world, religious harassment should be stopped and legislation should be passed against it.. Of course, these rude people consider religious harassment to be a virtue. Because in Islam Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar…. Islam has given every ignorant the power to stop every good form his hand. In the name of preaching, this mob of ignorant people is harassing people everywhere. There is a need to raise awareness against this. Religious blackmail ingshould stop. Faith, belief, action or action. This is a personal matter. There is no respect for human privacy in our concept of religion. Everyone has a religious license to interfere in the lives of others. An absolute ignorant person comes and starts forcibly teaching you religion, no matter how educated and conscious you may be. I hope you are understaing How, religion and religion ibadat are itself making criminal in our country

I am quite concern about the company you have been living with .  I wish if these toads who are pertaining to be Muslims in front of you stop asking and behaving the way you described.  My understanding is that you are more concerned about the behaviour of these Muslims than you actually about the Islam . As I understand  Islam , it says there is no compulsion in religion . No one should be forced to convert their ideology or religion . However, the conditions to be Muslims are described in full details and it is compulsory for someone who accept it with its own free will to abide by all the conditions once accepted Islam as its religion .

There are all kind of people in every religion . You shouldn’t take them seriously .  As I said before,  I am not here to reform someone or convert someone. Each soul will must carry its own burden . There is always a Karma working , no one will be escaped. Some will see it in this world, other will see it hereafter.  Its just a matter of time.

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