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Re: MUST WATCH: Why institutions have soft corner for religious party

Dear Mercenary Zaidi. Pakistan was established by British and handed over to Army because it is used to protect global imperialism, Pakistan’s army is the protector of the economic and political interests of global imperialism or the modern colonial system. To stop Russian and Indian, Pakistan was created and Million of Muslims Died. Your Qauid and Iqbal act as double agent. Now stop blaming Modi for everything. I told you people like modi exist because Two nation theory. During 1965 Ayub Khan launched Allama Iqbal as the creator of two nation theory, this ideology was used to snatch the credit of making Pakistan from Quaid’ sisiter, mother of nation, Fatima Jinnah’s election and juda ho deen siasat se to reh jati hai Chengazi such Thoughts became part of the Pakistani Social Studies at the same time. In order to crush the rise of socialism in the 70’s, General Sher Ali changed the two nation into the ideology of Pakistan and declared Islam as the ideology of Pakistan. To protect it was justified to fight the American war in the Afghan jihad for global capitalism, as well as dollars. The people of Pakistan will never be able to assert their political and economic rights unless they recognize the inalienable right of every human and their religion and understand and understand that our progress is only possible in speration of religion from politics.

My very dear Unsafe Sahib:

Jinnah couldn’t be blamed for the Modi’s hate mongering and extremist policies. Just check and find out why was Modi banned to travel to the European and USA before becoming the PM of India. It is not only Muslims who are affected by his hate mongering and racist policies, but other minorities living in India are also grinding down by his zealots and thugs. It is totally absurd to blame two nation theory for the kind of mind set Modi is having . Even BD didn’t join India back after separation from Pakistan which further confirms rightness of the bases of two nation theory.

You can blame Pakistan armed forces for lot of stuff including their unconstitutional, illegal and unlawful interference in the political affairs, but you should not forget that without strong armed force Pakistan can’t survive in a South East Asian geographical location when it is facing a country as a neighbour which still didn’t accept the concept of Pakistan . Majority of the pep0le living in Pakistan are Muslims. They will live in the country and form the laws according to their faith and belief as same as any country which has a right to make the laws they like. It is rather difficult for some quarters to digest the reality of Pakistan . I think the sooner they accept it , the better they will get to understand it.

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