MUST WATCH: Why institutions have soft corner for religious party

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Re: MUST WATCH: Why institutions have soft corner for religious party

Dear Zaidi. Jinnah crimes are no doubt greater than modi. He has blood on his hand for million of muslim who died during the partition. He used religion to create a homeland for muslims favoring British… and later in his speech on August 11 after the formation of Pakistan, he tried to take a U-turn to separate religion from state affairs. Due to which he was punished and departed on Khatara ambulance on his last journey. It is a problem that the user of religion think that they will stop using religion when the purpose get fullfilled …but that’s not going to happend … In fact, it is very easy to put religion in something but getting religion out of that thing impossible … but it is impossible to remove someone who is attached . I hope you will not blame Modi extermismist for that

I don’t know if Modi is better than Jinnah or not but one thing is for sure that Modi had direct hands in massacre of Muslims in India. He is one ares who is refused to be reformed and never repented on his shameful crimes which are still continue on . The migration bloodshed was a real shame and both Muslims and Hindus along with sikhs were involved in it.

If Jinnah was responsible for the separation , then Nehro and Gandhi were also not innocent angels.   Jinnah never promoted hate while Modi directed incited Hindus for killing . Comparing both on the same scale is just unjust and pretty biased. As a matter of fact, Jinnah foreseen something almost 75 years ago to stop the kind of bloodshed Hindu zealous trying to promote now in India. Had Jinnah not decided to part away , Hindus would have much bigger community to spread their hate. You should be thankful to Jinnah that you are alive to call him criminal. You know how much I protest and write against the armed forces and their interference in the political arena. But I still believe that we should count our blessings that a state was formed away from the communally violent population . There are obvious flaws in the attitude of Pakistanis and they are equally responsible for some of the stuff which periodically occur. But these are century old habits of adopting to a culture which never made them human being .  Pakistan only formed in 1947, these habits are way older than that . But I still trust that things will change and things will improve.

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