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Re: رمضان مبارک

It is quite interesting to find out what you think about the religion and Islam in particular. Its is also very unfortunate that you think the salat and fasting is based on show off.  Have you ever fasted in your life ?  Did you go to a corner and start to eat when no one was around and sat in the company of people when they start to break the fast pertaining that you fasted all day long ? 

The problem of debating with this kind of thinking is that the target is always moving . In just a few words, you bashed almost every single entity in Islam you could possibly find , yet, unable to answer my simple question I asked you.  In your previous post, you said that every bad deed is blamed on devil. so, for every good deed you should thank God  as well. I think even If I am jadi Pushti Muslim , I couldn’t find any better religion than Islam .let me know when you find any around you.   

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