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Re: رمضان مبارک

I wish if I were here for reforming , substituting , modifying and reinstating years of misconceptions, misdirection and misinterpretation of religion . The path is simple if someone wants to follow. It could be thorny if one doesn’t like it. I don’t blame devil for bad deeds. I do however, question the mind set and upbringing of some individuals who mask and label the religion to satisfy and promote their personal rendezvous . Have you ever thought of a person who deceives himself ? What you think is the punishment for such an individual ? What do you think what kind of punishment is available for such a person in society ?

Dear Zaidi, You seem confused. that path is not simple as you are saying. If it was then there should not be sect within sects inside religion. The problem with you and other common muslims is that you are Jadi Pushti Muslims and it is very difficult for you revolt against your religion. You along with  large number of Muslims have not read the Qur’an themselves in fourteen hundred years. All fairy tales and cherry fruit has been fed to you by Your Parents and Mullah and You want to amuse us with same hollow wordplay, feed us  with lies and spiritual fairy tales that does not exist reality. Reality is harsh, You sit on a rock and start telling us dream of heaven. you are driving a hard bargain dear.

The salath and Fasting is based on show off. It makes a person hypocrites ultimately. There are no punishment for a ibadat that is himself creating criminal. I think the Ibdat should be reformed and Islamic Scholar should give fatwa that these types of Ibadats are not in line with moderen age so there is no sin if you leave it.

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