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Re: پاکستانی سیاست کی نئی صورتحال

PTI is not the only one scared of Shahbaz and Humza, Pakistani people are too. That’s why they won’t vote for them. Look at the rallies they do and compare them with Nawaz and Maryam. If people have to live with establishment puppies why prefer Shahbaz over Imran?

I think PPP want PML(N) lead government in Punjab and want to take ministries in South Punjab. Zardari want to restore PPP in South Punjab through Jahangir Tareen and other electable in South Punjab. Zardari is trusted partner of establishment more the Khan and they can agree on that. There were 29 MNA/MPA’s in Tareen’s dinner. It shows that some PTI members are still with Tareen from South Punjab.

Why prefer Shahbaz over Khan?

It is only popular vote; Khan has completely lost trust of Punjab people. There is a general consensus that Nawaz era was better than Khan era. Forget about bi-elections, in general election, PTI will lose big time in Punjab. PTI still have their vote secure in KPK though. PML(N), MQM, JUI (F) and many others can form government easily. The difficult part is Nawaz’s agreement, if Nawaz agrees to support Shahbaz and promises not to come back then PML(N) can win government. Remember establishment don’t have much choice, it is either PML(N) or allies or PTI or allies. There is no way people will vote for Khan again and establishment will never bet on losing horse. There is a possibility that pro-establishment part of PML(N), PPP and some others are supported by establishment are tried by establishment. If Nawaz goes all out against Shahbaz then no way Shahbaz can win elections and this scenario will fail. Nawaz still holds the trump card in the end.

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