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Re: عاطف گم ہو گیا ہے ؟

See previous page for my first Appointment

Now to my recent Appointment

Again I requested to be appointed because I  within myself believe that I can do a good job. So I pleaded with the management and I was appointed (I was allotted an ID). Again I was enthusiastic but before I could make my independent observation, I was allotted a job where two members were arguing with each other. I was being pushed and coaxed by the top management to do something.

My sixth sense told me as if it was a put up job and 2 top members of the  Management were conspiring against me and they just wanted me to fail because I had been making loud claims that I can do a better job than the current Moderator.

Now my sixth sense could have been wrong but I decided to withdraw and sent a Message to the management, “You can find another toy”.

Again Atif Sahib my withdrawal which has often been described as “I ran away and could not handle a difficult situation” was not due to my inability to handle a difficult situation at all.

Now reverting to one or two mundane things.

You stated in your post

میری نظر میں اس فورم کو ماڈریشن کی ضرورت نہیں (کیونکہ کنتی کے چند ممبرز ہیں جو تمام میچیور اور سلجھے ہوئے ہیں)

Here is a post by one of members who is Suljha Hua and Mature


تمہاری کچھ خارش زدہ پوسٹس دیکھ کر ایک مہان مہا پرش کی بات یاد آگئی۔

ضروری نہیں کہ کیڑا صرف دانت کے اندر ہو۔

Have a nice day

I have not seen any action by the Moderator……..Do you know Atif Sahib why?……I think you do

You also said:

ہمارے کافی دوست ان کی وجہ سے بھی فورم سے غائب ہوئے ہیں

Care to Name those Atif Sahib who left Danishgardi because of me, But with Proof?

I will leave you now and let you ponder.

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