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Re: عاطف گم ہو گیا ہے ؟

At the start of my first assignment 10 September 2018, I was very enthusiastic and vigilant.

I spotted a post by a member ( I will not name the member) who is still a member and graces the forum with is presence and posts every now and then. The post in question was unacceptable as it was vulgar.

I tried to engage the member through PM system with a request that he should delete his post. This request was repeated but was ignored by the member. As a Moderator I took the decision to delete the culprit post.

Wait for the reaction………………….to be continued

Another member who obviously was aware of the culprit post and witnessed it being deleted exclaimed:

“What happened to that post? Why has it been deleted? Who has done it?

I responded by saying : Moderator’s  action

There were one or two posts supporting my action but then a Bombshell.

The Chief Moderator came on line and demanded an explanation  for my action as it was against the forum policy to delete a post unless it was vulgar or abusive. I was asked to justify my action.   All this was being done ON-LINE for everyone to see and read.

I can accept my boss to tell me off for something I had done but ON-LINE  . This not only embarrassed me but also undermined my authority as a moderator.

I decided to call it a day.

Atif Sahib……….This was the reason for my quitting and not as you have portrayed. Your memory may have become hazy but not mine.

I will revert to with my explanation for my next appointment.

To be continued

arrow_upward DanishGardi