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Re: ذہین کیسے بنتے ہیں؟

When Dr. Abdus Salam won Nobel he went to rich Arab rulers to invest in science. They said we can invest in technology as much as you want but not sciences as they challenge the paradigm of our religion. He said technology is making use of current scientific break throughs. Investment in basic sciences open new frontiers, new avenues for future technologies. We simply don’t have culture to challenge old dogmas. Red belt in USA is no different, thanks to costal America US is leading the world in technology and innovation. If Red America had its way here we would be researching the benefits of holy urines of cow and camel. No wonder 85% of top scientists are either agnostic or atheists. The religious fairytales slows down progress. If you get answers to all fundamental questions from holy scriptures how would you expand the horizon. For fundoos across religions Darwin is BS, Adam and Eve started life on planet 8000 years ago. In this culture @believer  sb is wishing for next Einstein?
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