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Re: عاطف گم ہو گیا ہے ؟

I am of the view that the initial call to the members too should be made by the Administration as it will entail: Administration’s Approval and will get a better response from the members. Do you agree? I am surprised that so far there has been no comment from Atif. Does it mean a disapproval, I wonder!!

I agree with you. Let Atif sort out the issues he mentioned at present. May be if we all put our worth together,including Admin , we can definitely make a difference in the status of this Forum . I don’t know the real reason for  the members who quit this forum as you mentioned, but I hope they revise their decision and come back . I haven’t hear anything from them for a long time . Saleem sahib didn’t seem to have any affiliation to be upset . Others may be willing to look back and join the forum again . Lets see . Bawa sahib is also missing for a long time .

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