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Re: عاطف گم ہو گیا ہے ؟

I don’t buy that Choran that God is missing . If God has to act on each and every time there is a calamity, then he is not God. Like any other forum, a platform or a baithak, money is the only one which can help it run . No one can afford to pay the expenses forever. There are some good Samaritans who are shouldering the financial burden, otherwise, this vessel would have been drowned long time ago. Deadwood, yes, because so far no one has been able to attract new members with their words, present any idea how to make this forum a robust, up to date and modern day platform where people come and voice their concerns and can be heard. In my humble opinion, Atif alone can’t do that , even if he comes on the forum everyday and makes his presence known, still you need some sort of lollipop for those who can be attracted .

Zaidi Sahib

Reference to God was merely to acknowledge that there was another thread “Khuda Gum Hai”.

Whilst I acknowledge that money is an important tool for running the forum, it is not the only tool.

I recall the days when the Forum was thriving, some money started flowing in from Google but then this stopped very quickly due to some misunderstanding between the Management of the Forum and Google.

I hope you will agree that success of any forum is measured by the traffic, which in turn is dictated by the number of members and the quality of discussions.

This was all there in the early days and the Forum was thriving. Then one by one the cream of membership left. One has to aske the question Why? And the reason definitely was not “lack of money”.  There comes my hobby horse, quality or lack of Moderation.

A heated discussion between two members takes place and one member resorts to Fuhash Gali Gloach. This exchange is left on the forum for everyone (including potential new members) to see.  Not a good advertisement for the Forum! I can write a lot but suffice to say that Badtameezi and Gali Gloach by some members was allowed with gay abandon.. The quality members left one by one. No amount of money would have stopped that.

Forum can still be revived back to the glory days though1

arrow_upward DanishGardi