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Re: خدا گم ہو گیا ہے

Believer12 bhai

Forget neutral member I have said many times and I repeat there is no God, this whole concept of imaginary all powerful God is flawed. The writer just pulled few lose ends.

I really like the begging to prayer analogy…

If you deserve something why you have to beg to god (aka pray for it)??

If you don’t deserve, why god should cut the line and grant you something, just because you prayed, why this bribe model is consider holly and not spiritual corruption ?

This prayer model also creates a begging culture, which rots society both spiritually and intellectually, why one should not focus on doing things right(based on reason and evidence) rather than begging their way out, on some arbitrary faith base model which inherently open to exploiting, more to invest in those ideas

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