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Re: نادان کی انجانی راہیں ۔

آپ حضرات میں سے کسی کے پاس ھُد ھُد ہو تو ذرا پتہ تو لگائیں کہ محترمہ غائب محفل کیوں ہیں ۔ Naddan is blessed with good manners, good sense of humour and is also a Founder member of the Forum. But over a long period she has witnessed the the good and senior ( intelligent and well-mannered) members disappearing one by one. Cannot have an intelligent and serious discussion which is free of personal attacks and gaali-gloach. And this in my opinion is due to absence (most of the times) and when present poor quality of Moderation. (My hobby horse). Some members continuously allowed to transgress the Forum Rules and suddenly one day the the owner realises this and pushes the members out. There are one or protests by the remaining members and lo and behold the owner starts Threads with a plea for the same members to come back. It is a Mouthful from me Zaidi Sahib but that should explain why Nadaan is absent. And Nadaan is not the only Member who chooses to keep away. SaleemRaza, Shahid abassi, JMP and Blachsheep are others to name some. نادان Zaidi SaleemRaza JMP shahidabassi BlackSheep

Anjaan sahib

Thanks for remembering me.. I am bit tied up else I would have regularly participated.

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