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Re: این اے پچہتر میں الیکشن نتائج میں ردوبدل کا شبہ ہے: چیف الیکشن کمشنر

Well even if you take out last 23 polling stations after 337 polling stations PMLN’s lead was merely 3k and they won this seat 2 years ago by 42k. PTI almost doubled their vote and PMLN merely retained theirs. Rigging or no rigging, win or no win PTI did very well in Daska constituency. Similarly in PP 51 PTI lost by 5.5k where as in 2018 PMLN won that seat by 33k. PTI is bridging gap in Punjab. Rigging charges are distractions, political ground in Punjab is shifting.

True contest is the only one which is in general elections . The by elections are almost always walkover for the incumbent Government due to the fact that they hold all the funds , power and decisions making for the development in the area. I won’t even count this as a victory for PTI or the Vote gain to that matter. Do you think the people in Duska Constituency live on Mars ?  They also live in Pakistan and equally affected by the growing discontent and out of control inflation . I however, think that the opposition is a water down version and there are no shortage of their ineptness as well.  Maryem is a crowd puller but that’s where she ends. She is not good at using the ample opportunities of Government’s goof ups in last 2 and a half year . Had it been a vibrant, strong and smart opposition leader, the PTI crowd would have found no place to hide.  As much as the representative of the PTI government’s are useless , waste of time , it is equally or even more useless on the oppositions camp. Using people’s sentiments in the frustrated conditions is an art . The good politicians know how to use it and pull the trigger . This opposition is not only divided, they lack the experience and know how of what requires to topple the Governemnt with simple no confident vote . It is also true that the Boots are in PTI camp and they are the one who are driving this lota bus, but it doesn’t take rocket scientist to beat them in their own game. But in order to do that you have to be true and honest with your agenda of providing a better and transparent alternative . I think Opposition is missing it and missing it big time .

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