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Re: نیازیات

Since the time Charsi uttered filth this morning that i will not get blackmailed, you have to bury your relatives and i will come over, he is probably having worst day of his life, his REAL Fascist Mentality has come out in open to everyone.

But to be fair with Zulfi his Ghulbi Urdu did not help him to convey the message, he most likely wanted to say that what can PM give you if he comes, probably implying that we can do that too without his coming over. But then you have to ask decision makers that why send him at first place, his only credentials are that and shipping ministers are Shias but both are worthless for any purpose.

It is becoming very obvious to everyone that Charsi is under total control of Peerni and he will not go for a Shia Jananza, he does not attend funerals anyway, didn`t even bother to attend funeral of his life long servant Naeem ul Haq, his son was summoned for Taziat at PM house.

Charsi will really have to eat humble pie if he travels now and if he did not and if the relatives of the deceased stayed firm for few more days, damage to Charsi will be beyond any imagination as it is total negation of his image of being good to the poor.