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Re: حکومت کی پچھلے پانچ مہینے میں محاشی کارکردگی

I believe that public needs to be educated to say that Government (All governments) need income so that it can spend on public and the Government’s income is Taxes. Once this message gets through public will begin to pay taxes. The Government however, has to ensure that the tax system is a fair system. We should never have been very new in tax collection. I remember that the collection system for salaries staff started back in 1968. Sales Tax has also been there for many many years. It is the FBR which for one reason or another does not perform

The major difference is between direct and indirect taxes. Taxes collect on oil, gas, electricity and daily use items were for ever but individual taxes were never fully implemented. Government employees were paying taxes for ever but private salaried people were not having any firm system to pay taxes. Direct tax payers are about 1% whereas everyone is paying indirect taxes. The more we bring direct tax people in tax  system the less indirect tax we have to collect. The last decade or so direct taxes are on the rise and there is a hope that it will increase in future years.

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