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Re: حکومت کی پچھلے پانچ مہینے میں محاشی کارکردگی

Awan Sahib You say Human nature is same everywhere. I submit that it is not human nature to steal. If the opportunity is there, some will steal but not everyone. No one wants to pay tax, I agree. But majority accepts that there is no alternative because that is law. My observation is that when the taxpayer sees/knows that the tax money is being used for the benefit of the people generally, the payment of tax becomes acceptable. Examples are that tax payers sees buildings are made for schools, universities and hospitals. Education is free for the children up to certain, teachers and healthcare staff are paid well. I could go on and on. You said “The problem occurs when you bribe someone and money goes to other person’s pocket instead of government treasury.” Awan Sahib, here the giver and taker are both Dishonest. No law can stop that. I will end up by saying that Laws are necessary but it should be remembered that law is only a deterrent. It takes two to tango. Government must put the laws in place but then people must respect those laws and be Law Abiding Citizens.

I will add further that no one happily pay tax therefore state has to collect by enforcing. Once public is enforced to pay tax then they expect that their tax is used whey want it to be in return. The laws are typically to train people until they make it a habit and accept it in their everyday life but some people need law to pay tax even if their prior ten generations are trained for that. I work for government and know first hand how much people cry for their tax to be used properly. Once this practice goes into decades to centuries then everyone is trained and very few need law to enforce it. In our country, there were three decade long marshal laws when we were fed by USA and no taxation system was ever made or practised. We are very new in tax collection and need strict penalties to make it acceptable in our society. People’s tax paid should be properly used that should be an expectation but no one should allow to escape from tax saying as my tax will go to corrupts, I am not paying tax. It will take years or even decades to develop a tax culture in our country.


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