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Re: Apathy

Dear Zaidi , the nation is not tough mercenary like you but suffering with Alzheimer’s disease since long. You are rightly got my point. There are so many lack of feeling, emotion, interest in nation mind and this herd of 20 carorh people need a Charwa like Imran Khan, who will lead them into wolf Den and He knows what grass this Herd Need

Mr. Unsafe sahib ( May I call you ) :

Its well known in Psychology and has been emphasized so much to only live in present. It will help you avoid depression , stress and anxiety .  My and your beloved nation is faithfully practising it. To kill the ideas from any nation is to choke its freedom of free thoughts . Never let it breath the fresh air of scared free , self generated flow of adaptability, sense of pride and fulfillment.

The only thing which could save them is their own desire of living in oppressed free land. Unfortunately , we never behaved like a one unit as a nation but the segmented frames of bytes on a layer two protocol, which are headed in the same direction but divided. Cheer up, it is a time for the new hopes of new year. May Allah give us all  more wisdom , the freedom and sense of assuming our own responsibilities  in coming year .  

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