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Re: Apathy

Majority of Pakistani nation is suffering apathy including Prime Minister Imran Khan, Who remembered what he said a year ago . Imran khan was very activate before become Prime Minister he gave so many false hope to nations like free education building house and army budget will be reduce. Now he is just passing his time.

So, your assessment is that had he not given the false hopes to the nation he would not be the PM and that would have caused him the enough grief and it could turn in to a national Apathy . But since he has provided the false hopes, the nation has drowned in to the Apathy of that false hopes and still struggling with it. On the other hand , had he given the true hopes and he could still failed it, the nation would have be more enthusiastic and after giving true hopes, if he still  won’t be PM that could have cause the nation same Apathy as now ? 

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