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Re: Tomorrow’s Pakistan

Based on what I have read so far and have understood from learned writers Awan sahib, Anjaan sahib and Believer12 sahib, it seems that there are two set f changes that need to take place.

  1. Structural or strategic
  2. Tactical

I think tactical changes are easy to implement and will bring some immediate wins. These tactical changes, once implemented and adopted for good may help Pakistanis to start thinking about long term structural changes and their rights. The structural changes seem to me as difficult to implement and I don’t think majority of the Pakistanis will care about those structural changes as of now. Since this forum as well as this the topic under discussion in this thread has not been attracting comments from other learned writers, it is difficult for me to gauge as to what ails Pakistan, what Pakistanis should focus on and whether there is an issue or not.

Jay Bhai can you please differentiate tactical and structural changes? What tactical and structural changes you recommend or agree with what others on this thread have brought forward?


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