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Re: Tomorrow’s Pakistan

Anjaan sahib

Thanks for initiating this topic and for seeking my comments.

In my opinion, today leads to what we see tomorrow so it is good time to start talking about tomorrow and also start doing something. Based on what I see today and the actions or lack of it, that I see, I think our tomorrow may not be as good as it should be.

While I don’t know what is the definition of tomorrow for you, in my opinion, the following could help creating a better tomorrow:

  1. Identify, agree and adopt on the identity of Pakistan and Pakistanis. I think we don’t have any identity or if we have, we have too many identities and perhaps many are not suitable for us.
  2. Decide on the government system that is more suited for us in short term and adopt it.
  3. Create a list of top priorities and pursue the priorities regardless of which political party governs the country.
  4. Decide if we want to become economic power or a military power. If we want to attain both, decide which we will aim first. I prefer becoming an economic power.
  5. Decide if we will remain non aligned or will be aligned with other geopolitical powers. If we want to be aligned, who are we going to be aligned with. I favour remaining non aligned.
  6. Make local bodies / municipalities more stronger, more responsible and more accountable.
  7. Implement political reforms (if required I can share my opinion on some potential reforms)
  8. Reform educations system and have single curriculum across the country. Every child regardless of the background gets same education.
  9. Focus on controlling  population growth
  10. Focus on value added manufacturing and production
  11. Lower the difference significantly between wages of white collar and blue collar workers.
  12. Remove the disparity in the salaries of teachers, police, low lever administrative functions, essential service providers

These are the ones that came to my mind as I was writing. There are many others that could be added to the list


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