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Re: قصور خان صاحب کا بھی نہیں

Yes, I can see the interior of a plane. What does that prove? It is normal for people to forward this kind of statement, “The whole Pakistan has seen or the whole world has seen …..in support of their argument” But this is wishy washy. I mean a proof which will hold in a court of law. Have you?

If you can see it, it is interior of Jahangir Khan’s Jet .  The people who are sitting inside are Independent members of the NA  and or/ Turncoats from the other parties and the trip is on-bound to Islamabad , the time is just before the formation of new Government and the Proof is in the pudding .  What court of law will do with the willingly turncoats of the century ready to get the fruit of hard work .  For someone hell bent of not accepting the obvious, there is no law , no court and no sentence.


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