How should Pakistanis get their Rights

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Re: How should Pakistanis get their Rights

Bloody Revolution … Are you scared of the word ? Would you rather let these leeches suck your blood over the time ? I knew that it would be a mountain of a trouble even for someone who is sitting thousand miles apart from the country when the meaning of real turner is spoken. Karachi can try, so as the others . Do you really think it would move anyone from their sordid actions just because the people start to pelt the polis ? These Haram Khor wouldn’t mind scarifying some old farts in their force to claim Shahada. Nosir no. It wouldn’t happen.Unless some souls ready to bleed some real blood . That off these leeches …..which are swelled up with the blood of others…

He is scared a lot, because he is “bezarar Makhlooq” he believes in love with original ID and cyber revolution by multiple IDs. He is modern Pakistani V- for Vendeta. He picked IDs instead of pen or gun and tortured so many people who comes in his path.


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