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Re: How should Pakistanis get their Rights

“the rights need to be snatched instead of requested.” Rights should not need to be snatched or requested. Rights should be given. Zaidi Sahib I love Pakistan despite its ups and downs and it hurts when I look around the world and read about the achievements of the countries which were far behind Pakistan and now have gone ahead of Pakistan. I have thought of the solution many a times but before solutions one must know what are we trying to solve. In this situation the fundamental problem from which all other problems emanate is “People’s apathy”. They just accept every situation. The vast majority does not appreciate the value and power of their vote. The People do not cast their vote wisely. They do not assess the politicians who ask them for their vote. Result is that they end up sending inappropriate politicians to Parliaments. 70 years have gone and it might take another 70 to correct the situation. A process of educating (not, school, college) the public and making them aware of their rights and their responsibility. It is a long and arduous process but the process has to be started. PS My comment on Hafeez Sahib was just to highlight that unless a source is given, the post will not attract readers. There are plenty of online shows/tvs/You Tube accounts who put some sensational news online.

Anjan Sahib, Sometime , it is the only way to leverage yourself and proclaim what is inherently yours and you have been deprived of it .  It is widely known that rights should be given , but that is for the rest of the world. I have no hesitation to admit that our nation is a nation of complaisant. Lazy as hell and boaster as pathetic. Unwilling to fight for their rights and horrifically pleased with the power holders .

What you think a bunch of coward feather, abnormal psychopathic crowd of gutless people will achieve ?  Why would someone even bother to compare them with the rest of the world ?  Its a pretty fashionable to claim your patriotic feelings and your love for the mother land . However, It takes a lot to pinpoint the fault lines and present solution to resolve the chronic problems of unbecoming a nation . My  criticism is to those who are responsible for our demise as a nation, for those who fed us BS historic propaganda and turned us  in to a nation of mindless chickens . To restore our dignity, our rights and our affiliation to the right from wrong, we must stand up and be counted , or stay as rotten as we are …

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