How should Pakistanis get their Rights

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Re: How should Pakistanis get their Rights

Mr. Anjan Sahib:

My response was in reply to your post under a thread which was opened by M Hafeez and is about a newly introduced section in the law which will punish those who dare to speak out against any member of the armed forces or security agencies. Its sort of ironic that no punishment has yet to be meted out to those who are the member of these security agencies for breaching their part of the oath and the punishment they deserve written in the Constitution .

This is not the first time that such a lunatic and absurd piece of legislation introduced in Pakistan . What it has to do with the actions of those law abiding citizens who always respect and abide the existing laws , yet always see the powerful transgress any law and get away with it for the last 70 years . You can preserve the sanctity of any organization , hang yourself upside down , you will still not able to force any of the power full lobby and people associated with those lobbies to abide the existing laws in the country. Unless you gather the same or more power and clash with these forces for the ultimate war.  Sometimes , the rights need to be snatched instead of requested.


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