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Re: وفاقی کابینہ نے بھنگ کی کمرشل بنیادوں پر کاشت کی اجازت دے دی

I am surprise that if you know about it and know how destructive it could be for those who abuse it, you still think that it is something which should be exported. I know what is the difference between the oil taken from the buds and from the seeds. I am talking about the oil extracted from the plant buds . All I am saying is that when you make it legal, there are all kind of ways it could reach to those who smoke it, orally take it and use it to support their habit of getting high. As far as those countries which use it for the medicinal purposes, they already are cultivating it under strict control locally. There will be far less value of this drug once it makes it in to another country legally . It is expensive now because they ban it …. Almost every country can grow it in their green houses and extract whatever oil they are looking for the medicinal purposes. I see a zero value for exporting it … However, you can hook the whole nation and destroy their future.

Zaidi bhai, you are still missing the point. There is only one kind with THC in it and is called full-spectrum CBD oil. This is the only kind that is used for recreational purposes. Pakistan is not going to produce that. So non of the products we aim to export, can be misused. The government has already announced after the cabinet meeting that the idea is to produce and export non-toxic hemp products within the range of 0,3% THC. This kind is legal, is not harmful, and is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. This is this CBD and seed oil which has no psychoactive effects and has a world market of 50 billion USD and growing at 25% a year. Talking about future prices, the consumption is on the rise, and the pharmaceutical industry of the west is finding new uses of it. The shares of the western companies that are producing it in controlled cultivation are rising sharply.  

I am glad that the government is doing it now as some 3 years ago I used to write about its emerging market and then strongly advocated its export potential for Pakistan.

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