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Re: آپ اپنا چندہ واپس لے سکتے ہیں

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Recently somebody tried to fraud me on similar lines. When I advertised to sell my car on various websites, someone from California contacted me and offered me to pay my asking price without seeing the Car. She offered me to transfer the funds via PayPal and said that a mover will show up on my door to pick up the car once I conform receipt of funds. First she asked me if I have pay pal account which I did not and then sent me instructions and link to open a pay pal account.

I became suspicious as there were few red flags :

1) Why is she interested in buying an ordinary used car from across the border ? although she tried giving me a BS reply which did not cut with me.

2)She did not talk about registration and insurance of car, when I pointed out, she replied that her driver would take care of this documentation.

3) Why is she insisting and going at length explaining me how to open a pay pal account? When I asked her to transfer the funds using other online money transfer services, she simply ignored them.

Despite of red flags, I could not figure out what was the catch here since If I receive the fund and cancel insurance, I don’t care if Car is transported across the border or across the ocean.

I tried googling the issue and soon found out the fraudulent scheme. The link that she sent me was not the real Pay pal but of a hoax website which appeared very real. So the catch was that I would open my account on this fake website giving my all personal detail. She would transfer fake funds to my accounts and get my car picked up by her colleague. It won’t end here, she would actually transfer more funds than car asking price and would later demand to refund extra fund which were transferred erroneously. Now if everything works as per her plan, I would not only lose my car but also end up paying them money.

Very smart.

GP Bhai, if i add up the wealth i could have got from the African Lords just by sending them my account details by return mail, i could have paid all of Pakistan debts many times over :bigsmile:

Worrying part is some of these mail have my name as well.


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