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Re: Absence of Moderation

Crush-e-Mirza? No, Blacksheep. SEMirza may enjoy the popularity describe by you but I simply learnt one or two very simple things. Let me give you an example. “Stick to the Topic”. This used to be one of the Forum Rules and if a member posted something off topic, moderators will delete that post and state on the thread that the post has been removed because it was off topic. How many times on this forum a nice topic containing nice starting discussion posts are highjacked by off topic irrelevant comments resulting in the death of the topic? Do you see the merit of this simple moderation approach? I saw SEMirza as a good disciplinarian and nothing more and wish that moderators of this forum too apply the forum rules fearlessly and instil some discipline in the unruly members. I hope you now read the good spirit and intentions embedded in my earlier comment.

یہ رولز کہیں بھی نہیں پاے جاتے کہ تھریڈ کے ٹاپک کو ہی رگڑتے جاو چاہے آپ اس تھریڈ کے پلاٹ سے متفق بھی نہیں پھر بھی اس کی تعریف کرتے جاو جب کسی تھریڈ کو تنقید کا نشانہ بنانا ہو تو ایسی زبان استعمال کی جاے کہ وہ غصہ بھی نہ کرے بلکہ مسکراتے ہوے تنقید کو سہہ جاے

آپ کو یہ باتیں کہاں سمجھ آئیں گی ڈمب بطخ



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