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Re: Absence of Moderation

Thank you for the detailed briefing. As far I am concerned, no my previous exposure to any forum was PKPolitics under SEMirza’s Moderation and he was such a good Moderator. I observed his workings and learnt a few things. In a nutshell you have explained the background and reason for your encounter with another member here. I will outline my approach. If I observe that a member here is being personal for no reason at all, I very quickly conclude that whatever I do. that member’s attitude will not change and stop interacting with that member. And I found that approach to be very rewarding. And for Tabdeeli, it will only come if the entire population is persuaded and works for it. No individual on his/her own can achieve it.

تو گویا کاسانووا کے خدشات درست تھے؟

اللہ تعالی آپ کو صحت کاملہ عطافرماے آمین



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