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Re: مِیم بمقابلہ شِین

Couldn’t agree more with each and every word of your post Darvaish Sb except that timing of broadening her canvas, at this moment in time, this is the only task at hand, she can`t go out and start giving her broader agenda, talk about what she is capable of doing till her father is behind bars. She is doing pretty well by making an effort to limit her confrontation with categoric words that she does not want to pick a fight with any department or institution. I believe that message is important for lower ranks of Mehkma Zaraat, although policy at top is punish them and next few weeks will be important that how they play their cards to convince or even force a change of course in Aabpara.

Regarding timing, I am not suggesting any abrupt change of gears. Obviously, it would be a transition but it should happen sooner rather than later.

I was not expecting a distinction like ‘lower ranks’ from a pol thinker like you as if ISI believes her. There is no love lost between both the parties. It is a war and it should be brought into the open where she has an advantage as ISI cant be that open.

I could not get the red part.