India's Divider In Chief

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Re: India's Divider In Chief

What a bigot and opportunist this guy Aatish is?  It took this thug end of BJP tenure to ask an obvious question.  But it is the timing of this crap that shows why his journalism was constipated all the while.

Trump is putting enormous pressure on international community to cut off from Iranian oil supplies.  After getting no clear support or response from India (as usual – keep in mind non-align diplomacy of India) in favor of US oil trade embargo on Iran, his administration has let loose American backed K-9 journalists to help Mayawati’s onslaught on Modi’s aura in UP. All Modi needs to do is invite Kushner who is the public face of Trump’s B-team (Bibi Nýahoo, Bin SMB of Saudi, Bin Makhtoom and Bolton from US) and give him a good wet sucking. For sure these journalist thugs like Aatish will be singing laurels of Modi.

Anyways, Modi came to Pakistan to visit Nawaz, despite all the terrorist attacks on his country. He created an opportunity for Military thugs to put the animosities on the back burner and work on expanding trade and transit. Had military thugs taken his hand at that time, Pakistan would have not only been saved from begging few billions  from friendly countries but also it had not suffered the humiliation on international forums like FATF and UN Security Council which designating another Pakistani on most wanted terrorist list. Also, we would not have suffered the humiliation of 12 Indian jets crossing not just the disputed LoC but International Border and going back intact after dropping their pay load 60 miles inside Pakistan.