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Re: Is Monogamy natural?

@i I tried to give my views in post # 6 before Ghost Protocol bhai in post # 15 but you seem to be in more agreement with him than me. Ghost Protocol bhai – you made some startling male chauvinistic statements very unlike you. First if we can agree on the definition of Natural then I can agree with your half truth statement man is polygamous. Woman are polygamous too. Why wouldn’t they like physical relations with no man if you cut off all the strings theoretically. Men controlled economy that’s why they got more power more freedom and now you label it natural. I am not saying the sexual urge of a man and a woman is same. There could be few women whose urge would be more than men but majority of men for legitimate chemical reasons may have more sexual urge. But here we are not discussing more or less sexual urge. The debate is one or more than one sexual partner during your stay on earth. If the nature is how one would respond if no strings are attached like with other species I am sure both man and woman would opt for more than one partner during their 70 odd years of stay on the surface of the earth. If that’s what nature is we all are polygamous w/o the discrimination of gender, race or faith. Having said that I think there are valid reasons for humans to move away from so called natural tendencies. I ‘d rather focus on core issue is monogamy natural rather than one gender is more polygamous than the other. There are socio-economic factors that may mislead us in that direction. After agreeing to the notion that humans are polygamous I ‘d argue the pros pros of monogamy far outweighs cons of polygamy. That’s why even the male chauvinistic societies moved in the direction of monogamy.

شیرازی بھائی،
اتھرا صاحب نے پوسٹ نمبر ١٥ کا حوالہ دیا تھا جسمیں انہوں نے اپنے سوال کی وضاحت کی تھی جبکہ میری پوسٹ ١٤ تھی اور آپ نے اسکا پوسٹ مارٹم کردیا . خیر کویی بات نہیں – میں آپ کی بات سے اتفاق کرتا ہوں اگر “لیول پلیئنگ فیلڈ” ملے تو خواتین بھی اسی رجحان کا اظھار کریں گیں