Is Monogamy natural?

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Re: Is Monogamy natural?

Natural is a abstract term. Is it what majority do? Is it how we used to be? Humans have evolved into monogamous life style. The smaller families that we see are very different than polygamous larger families. Hazrat Ali had 33 kids from 10 wives and 4 other women. When Osama got killed 17 kids and 3 wives came out of his hideout. This is just male dominant polygamy. I don’t think it’s natural it’s perhaps as forced as monogamy. Imagine if in some primitive time there are 30 people in a group half male half female. They are matting with each other based on availability and urge. Would you say that’s natural may be, but it’s not civilized. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the comforts we enjoy from controlled temperatures to cars, nothing is natural. They all are human intervention to make life more civilized, more meaningful with compromises here and there. Monogamy is no exception.

کسی پابندی سے یہ زندگی  زیادہ با معنی کیسے ہو جاتی ہے؟؟؟