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Information is scattered all over the internet and DanishGardi brings it all together in one place for discussion. It is a sustainable platform to share and discuss critical information about various subjects ranging from political to non-political issues including the Corona-virus pandemic, water crisis, energy crisis, climate, transport, science and technology as well as entertainment. Our portal showcases the innovative discussions going on about numerous topics, both in Urdu and English, shared by different writers hailed from all over the spectrum.

Our forum is devoted to providing you with the best possible coverage of political and non-political community discussions. On this platform, Information is made available on daily basis for the discussion of the general public by the general public. A single click of a mouse can start a topic for discussion and anyone can participate. DanishGardi also offers a greater complement of features, while maintaining efficiency which no other bulletin board or discussion forum does. On top of everything else, DanishGardi is absolutely free. We welcome you to join us.

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